Kandhar Fort

Kandhar Fort is situated in the city of Kandhar in Nanded district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Kandhar city is famous for the fort and the fort is in the heart of Kandhar city. Much minor fort in Maharashtra is maintained as Kandhar. This fort is on the west side of the Manyad Reservoir. Kandhar fort was known as one of the major Jain centers in the Rashtrakut state, as it was the capital of Malkhed or Manyakheta. The Kandhar Fort is surrounded by water-filled trenches. The construction of the Kandhar fort is attributed to Rashtrakuta King Krishna III at Malkhed, who called himself Kandharpuradhi Swar.

At some distance outside the fort is a hill on which is an old Idgah in homage to Muslims. It is a Nizam-Shahi period, with two domes in the Ahmednagar style. The remains of this magnificent and historic fort are located 50 km from Ranthambhore Nationwide Park. A colossal statue of the Governor was found near Bhaikot; the statue is broken but survives at the base of the foot, its height is over 50 feet. Currently, there is an old Digambar Jain temple in Kandhar, which is awaiting renovation.

Height: 1,350 feet

Visiting Time: Full time of the day

Time Duration: During day

Entry Fees: No entry fees

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