Murud- Janjira Fort

The Murud-Janjira Fort is a famous fort and tourist place and this fort located on the island just off the coast of the Murud village. The word Janjira is not of Indian origin and the Arabic word may have come after Jazeera, which means island. Murud was once time known as Hubsan(“of Habshi or Abyssinian”) in Marathi. The name of the Murud- Janjira fort is an Arabic word concatenation for Konkani as “morod” and Island as “jazeera”. The Arabic word in Konkani as “morod”  and is not present in Marathi. The famous Siddi King Malik Ambar built a fort at the end of the 17th century at Janjira on the Konkan coast. It is still undisturbed, at this time under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI).

 In Janjira, the Africans developed their state which(with their notes, coat of arms, cavalry), despite repeated attacks by the Mughals and the Marathas, failed to take over. After that, the African rulers of Janjira went on to take over another fort at Sachin in modern-day Gujarat. The current Nawab of Sachin called Reza Khan and the title of Nawab was given to their ancestors by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb because they had not permission his competitor Shivaji to take over the Janjira fort. The Murud-Janjira fort has some escape doors, demolished mosque, 26 rounded bastions, and pools. Inside the fort are also three huge cannons that are famously known as Landa Kasam, Chavri and Kalaabangdi. To get to the fort, you have to take a boat off the dock. You can book a ticket for Rs. 20 per passenger or you can take rent a private boat for Rs. 600.

Height: 40 feet

Visiting Time: 7:00 AM- 4:45 PM

Time Duration: 2 Hours

Entry Fees: No entry fees

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